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Meet Hunter. He is the oldest of the children and at age 21 he is your typical young man. He loves to eat and play video games and of course text all his friends on his iPhone.

Yes Hunter is your typical guy except for one thing; he was born with a debilitating disease called Cystic Fibrosis (find out more at CF affects the lungs and digestive system and causes the patient to lose salt in their sweat 100% faster than your average person.

CF causes the patient to have multiple lung infections throughout their life. Hunters lungs only function at about 50% and on a good day up to 65%. Even with all of these obstacles in his life Hunter continues to function normally while incorporating multiple breathing treatments into every day and always continues to smile. Hunter is one of the most loving, giving,big hearted people you will ever meet.

Leroy began racing to hang out with friends and to have an activity to do with Hunter. In November 2014 God got a hold of Leroy and changed his heart. Now Leroy races for the glory of God and Hunter is beside him every step of the way unless he is in the hospital. Hunter never lets his illness affect¬† his outlook on life and he loves the racing. He usually is Leroy’s pit crew. Hunter has had a rough time of it lately and has been hospitalized three times in the past two months and the doctors are running tests to find out why the lung infections keep reoccurring even though this is a part of his disease he has never been this sick. Your prayers for Hunter are very much coveted and appreciated we feel the more people that know about Hunter and his condition and are praying for him the better he will be. Be sure and look for Hunter and give him a handshake or a hug he’ll be there along with the rest of the family working on dad’s car.

UPDATE –¬† Hunter went to be with Jesus in his mom’s arms on May 19th 2017. although we are completely heartbroken, we continue the ministry to honor God and his love for us despite our son’s death.

it has only sparked our desire more to make sure everyone knows how much God loves them and wants to change their life. Hunter is happy, healthy and whole now and we continue our journey as a tribute to him.

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