Coming soon… Welcome to Hunter’s Place! As a loving tribute to our wonderful son Hunter we will create a loving, calm serene place for bereaved parents and their children but also single moms and single dads. Our hope is that our precious son’s death will not be a negative but a positive influence and help in the healing of others.  Loss of a child affects a family like no other loss and we as fellow parents of loss know this pain all too well.  Hunter’s Place will provide you with a quiet place to just relax,  interact with exotic animals, and give you time as a family to bond and heal from your loss whether it was recent or years ago. There is something to be said for nature and tuning in with God through the quiet. Hunter’s Place will have cabins for each family/person so you can have your private time to rest and bond. It is located on 200 acres of high game fence so you will see big game animals that you have never seen before. You will also have the opportunity to receive faith based counseling for all ages. Services that are 100% optional, but our vision is to provide  you a safe place where you can talk about your pain and loss and hear other’s stories as well. Check back on this page for continuing updates and pics on our progress.